Pre-school (NYC accredited Universal Pre-School) (3 to 5 years)
Prepare your child as they advance towards their years in education. We want your child to gather the proper understanding and capability to prepare them for the roads ahead. We have interesting, knowledge-filled classes to cater to your child’s keen mind.

Our preschool has two masters certified teachers and one teacher assistant to 12 children.The preschool curriculum is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten and provides the same structure and nurturing all our other programs provide.

Through fun and teaching, we will increase your child’s fine and gross motor skills, language/cognitive skills, pre-math skills, perception, self-help/social skills and their emotional I.Q. This will be achieved through various activities such as reading, singing, exercising, drawing, playing with instruments, meal time participation, free play, and social interaction the children will have among each other.