Yoga Birthday Parties at Odyssey

A Learning Odyssey Daycare can bring yoga to your next birthday party!

Experience a fun-packed yoga / music party to celebrate your child’s next precious year of life by trained and certified yoga instructors. Throw a fun birthday party or chip in with 12 of your friends and their kids for a fun-filled play date to beat the winter blues.

We are the ones to look for to provide your kids a spacious, entertaining ground for their birthday parties and play dates.

Yoga Party or Music Party


  • Yoga: $300 for two hours
  • Music/Art $300 for two hours
  • Capacity: 6-12 children
  • Pricing Includes: Pizza, juice, water, plates and cups for children.
  • Cake, catering, invites, goody bags are extra and are priced upon request.
  • Space rental only plus a staff member for assistance: $100 an hour.

Please get a hold of us link to Contact Us if you want us to host your child’s next big celebration.