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The birth of my son prompted me to embark on a new mission: to locate a daycare center or a babysitter, so I can return to work. My findings were disappointing. Finding a good babysitter was not only difficult but expensive. All the good ones were taken. Finding a daycare was just as frustrating. Most of them had waiting lists. I found everything from chipped paint to ill-equipped staff members caring for the children. Daycare centers were more affordable, but they accepted a large number of children and had ratios of one adult to four children in the infant classroom.

This all led me to start my own daycare business. I felt that this would be one way I can provide quality childcare for my children and my community. My daycare will also serve as a comprehensive health center. As a social worker and psychotherapist, I will have the ability to assess and offer consulting on psychological and environmental issues that affect the children and families in my care.

The mission of my daycare is:

  • Quality and affordable daycare
  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • Small number of children
  • Appropriate staff to child ratios
  • Clean play environment
  • To provide children with physical, emotional and cognitive nurturing
  • Emphasis on physical activity
  • A program that is flexible and meets the needs of the community
  • Safe and convenient location
  • A unique quality preschool education


Arete Galanis, M.S. Ed., LCSW
Early Childhood Teacher, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

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