Toddlers / Preschoolers

Toddlers (24 months to 36 months)
In the toddler years, a strong sense of independence is building. This is a time when a child desires to separate and individuate themselves from their caregivers. Despite this need to become an autonomous individual, the child also needs to know that they can rely on their caregivers when they are needed.

When children develop through this stage successfully, they can navigate the real world with confidence and competence. To achieve this, children need a safe environment full of opportunities where they are encouraged to explore and have fun. They need a space where they can be mobile, satisfy their curiosities and enjoy.

The toddler program will nurture, stimulate and prepare your child for preschool. The toddlers will participate in the same schedule as the preschool children, only they will receive exposure to activities that are age-appropriate. They will be exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, sizes, identifying everything in their environment to satisfy their curiosity. This will be done through story telling, singing, eating, playing, dancing and exercising.

Our toddler classroom has a superior 1 adult to 6 toddler ratio and on most days we are one adult to 4 toddlers.  Our facility is clean, sanitized, well lit and stocked with supplies and resources.

Preschoolers (36 months to 4.5 y.o.)

Preschool is a time when children need an opportunity to explore, play, socialize, learn and most importantly prepare for the rigors of elementary school.  Even now more then ever children need to be ready to move into an active learning environment once they move into Kindergarten.  Children are now expected to read and write in Kindergarten.  Learning Odyssey staff works very hard on our preschool program to ensure that children are ready to face the Kindergarten classroom challenges and still have fun while doing so.  Our goal is to not only prepare but to develop a love for learning.

We teach our literacy, math, science, social studies, music and art through fun themes, play, projects and field trips.  Our teachers involve parents very much in the classroom and our ratio is 1 adult to 4 children.  Our facility is clean, well lit and very well stocked with all the appropriate tools and resources.  We also have a segment during the day where we exercise children’s minds in higher thinking and prepare them for taking the NYC Gifted and Talented Exam.  Our preschool classroom is a truly unique and rewarding experience.

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