What Makes Us Special

There are plenty of differences that set us apart from other old and new daycare centers in the area.

A program run by a psychotherapist/clinical social worker and an early childhood specialist in education
This combined training is not easy to find. Clinical social workers are trained to develop a great sense of empathy. Through psychoanalytic training an individual has to not only undergo extensive supervision and child development training but also has to participate in their own therapy.

How does this apply to childcare?
This applies to childcare in the most crucial way. When we look at our own children most of us love them unconditionally. Whether they are crying or irritable as parents we have the empathy and sympathy to soothe them past difficult stages of their lives. When we see children that are not our own pass through these difficult stages it is difficult for us to do the same. Psychotherapists develop the ability to do this through their training. You want to know that your child will not only be looked after through happy and cheerful stages, but also through tough and difficult stages.

You want to know that if your child is experiencing an increased amount of anxiety due to being dropped off in daycare for the first time that the right behavioral methods will be used to help your child get through this stage. You also want a professional who can pick up any traces, forms or symptoms of developmental and psychological delays.You want a professional who can help you and give you the right guidance at home and in your personal life to help make the daycare experience more of a positive experience for your children.

A play-based curriculum that balances play and learning
Our program is play based and promotes and advances our children’s curiosity and desire to learn. We create curriculum that is fun and engages children authentically. Our curriculum is age appropriate and eclectic. We borrow from all the theorists in education and child development such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Erickson, Greenspan, Dewey, Bandura, Skinner, Montessori, Emilia, Freud, Mahler, Noddings and more.

A program that is operated out of a first and second floor facility with 3 means of egress.
Programs run in basements can be harmful in many ways. They are not convenient. The facility will not have the same quality of air and sunlight. You also run the risk of exposure to mold, insulated materials, furnace/boiler rooms, gas meters and or petroleum storage tanks. Our daycare is on the first floor. It has high ceilings, plenty of light and air circulation. Scientific research does exist that children and adults who spend time in well-lit and well-circulated environments fare better psychologically and physically.

A program with good ratios
Our program is unique because we have a 2:1 ratio for children up to 24 months, a 6:1 ratio for children 24 months to 3.9 years of age. Our Preschool classroom has 2 one teacher plus two teacher assistants making our ratio 4:1.

Classrooms that have room separations
I have actually seen some daycare’s that are all one big room. What does this mean for your child? It means the inability to never experience quiet throughout the day. This can be very detrimental to your child’s health. Especially if there is a child who is sick or having a crying spell your daycare provider does not have the ability to separate the children. During nap time this can be disastrous. If your provider’s kitchen is in the same room, what will your provider do if the room smokes up from cooking especially in the winter when we have below freezing temperatures?

A daycare on tree lined street
Unlike some other daycare facilities in the area, our program is on a beautiful tree lined street far away from any of the major highways and parkways. This means your children are breathing less vehicle emissions and soot.

A daycare where each child has a crib or cot
If your daycare provider has your children sleeping in the same bed or mattress, beware. This can lead to injury and cross contamination and can be dangerous to your child. You want your daycare to have plenty of cribs not just one. Multiple packs, plays and sleep swings, not just one of each.

For your convenience, I have included a comparison checklist to help you when you are touring other facilities.